There are two categories of committee activity.  The first, "Member Participation" is typically
a Kiwanis initiated program
in which club members actively participate.  Each club member
is encouraged to join one or more of these programs. 

The second is  "Partnership" where the program has been initiated by another organization. 
The Kiwanis Club contributes funds to these programs.  Club members participate in a
number of these programs.

The club's committees and the events they accomplish are:


Community Service 
    These offer members opportunities to volunteer to serve the community.

   Member Participation
       Adapt-A-Highway, Kiwanis One Day, and Project Eliminate

        Habitat for Humanity, Chamber of Commerce Member, Camden House, Methodist
        Youth Home, Missions for Camden,  Kiwanis Club of Kiev, Ukraine
, and Camden
        Community Band.


Youth Services  
These programs are Kiwanis outreach to youth.

    Member Participation
Student Scholarships, STAR Student, and
Baseball Clinic

       Sea Scouts, True Freedom Learning Center, Camden Wildcat QB Club,
          Robotics Club, Children's Theater, and
Camden County High School Fine
          Arts Academy.


Sponsored Youth Programs
These programs are Kiwanis outreach to youth.

   Member Participation
              K Kids, Terrific Kids, Builders Club, and Key Club

Youth Priority One  
      These are projects to benefit children from birth to age 5.

            Christmas in the Park and Wee Read.

Human & Spiritual Values 
      These programs reflect human and spiritual values.

          Thanksgiving Baskets, Salvation Army Red Kettle, Fellowship of  Christian Athletes,
          Missions for Camden, and Christmas for Camden Kids


Festival Fund Raising Committee
      These activities raise funds for St. Marys Kiwanis Club activities.

       Member Participation and Partnership with the City of St. Marys
             July 4th Independence Day and Rock Shrimp Festivals



Club Administration Committees

    Membership Growth & Education 

          Recruiting and training new members, retention,  and attendance

    Finance and Fundraising 

           Budget, financial management, and new fundraisers