Finance and Fundraising Committee

The committee's activities include financial review, planning, July 4th and Rock Shrimp Festivals, new Fundrasing and recommending budget items.

A fundraiser usually starts with a need: How can we fix this problem? Once club members come up with a solution, the next question is: How will we fund it? And thus a fundraiser is born.

Your club’s fundraisers might involve foods or festivals, races, rides or runs, auctions or outings, sales or shows. Choose an event that fits the interests of your club and community.

A successful fundraiser educates the club or community about an issue, brings in enough donations to make an impact and brings people together for a common cause. It’s team-building for your club, community-building for your area, and support-building for your cause.

The committee's functions include:

      Financial Management
      New Fundraisers