Sponsored Youth Programs Committee

We provide opportunities to serve, to lead, to grow and to belong. The club’s SLP committee includes Kiwanis club advisors for each sponsored SLP club. Your main objective is to provide support for each club in the form of financial sponsorship, training for advisors and leaders, and guidance in event and meeting planning.  Through Kiwanis’ Service Leadership Programs, we bring the Kiwanis message.

  Member Participation 

K Kids
     K-Kids is the service component of the Kiwanis Kids 
       program.  It provide elementary school students with their
       first opportunity to learn about organizing projects that help
       others.   Members work together in service to school and
       community to develop basic leadership skills and strong
       moral character.   The Camden County Schools participating

                                David L Rainer Elementary School
                                Kingsland Elementary School
                                Mary Lee Clark Elementary School
                                St Marys Elementary School
                                Woodbine Elementary School


Terrific Kids                                                               

      How do Terrific Kids become thoughtful, enthusiastic,
       respectful, responsible, inclusive, friendly, inquisitive and
       capable? You can show them the way.



Builders Club
        Builders Club, for middle school and junior high students,
        provides students with opportunities to develop leadership,
        improve self-esteem, increase civic engagement and learn life
        skills through service. As students maneuver this “in-between
        stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves,
        work together with friends and implement plans through 
        action. Through Builders Club, students become leaders at
        school, in their community and in the world. 


 Key Club                                                                       
      By serving others, Camden County High School Key Club
        members learn to appreciate what they have and become
        caring leaders.  Key Club help teens realize the significance
        of one good deed—in their communities and around the